About US

[bunch_about_properties title=”ABOUT” g_title=”SUBUL” text=”SISCO is a new mining service provider in Sudan, benefiting from all people, who are fully trained in the oil service field. The company is managed by known founders of Mining services & camps management in Sudan. Management & staff are imported from oil Service Companies, with extensive experience in camp management & service needed there. Staff is well qualified, trained to work on shift systems around the clock.” img=”372″][/bunch_about_properties]
[bunch_about_properties title=”How SISCO ” g_title=”manage Camps?” text=”SISCO is always insuring that the camps that operate under its service will be properly managed through 24/7, with SISCO’s adequate specialized staff that shiftily change every month (one month on, one month off) some members, who joins camp mission are neatly selected from teams that worked before with QM in their projects of North Kurdufan & Red sea in QM first trips executed in the year 2012 for blocks over there.” img=”373″][/bunch_about_properties]
[bunch_about_properties text=”
SISCO team is distinguished by its own dress-code & uniform that has SISCO Known company logo.
SISCO will have its own (walky-talky) communications facility, which is possessed by its working team on site. SISCO Camp supervisors will be provided with Thuraya phone cell.
SISCO will have their own Vehicles (supported by GPS tracking system), that Insuring smoothness of activities & backing up Vehicles on field.
SISCO will assure through various meetings with site representative that all service operations are running smoothly, & will immediate put into action any notice or request required. SISCO team on field will be connected & supported by field support team in Khartoum & SISCO office in cities of Atbara & Port-sudan. Field team is required to copy daily reports to company HQ in addition to Atbara & Port Sudan offices.
Site visits are executed by SISCO management from time to time to ensure that everything is in place & all reports are accurate & correct. SISCO Company is fully responsible about running operations & company senior staff phones are on call 24/7.
A revision of working staff will be done periodically, or upon written request, this may imply minor Addition or Reduction to specific type of SISCO staff, the thing which will be done through mutual discussions between SISCO camp Supervisor & client’s Camp Supervisor, in addition to any replacement required (in written also) wherever there is justified dissatisfactory from client’s Staff to any of SISCO staff members.” img=”374″][/bunch_about_properties]